From pregnancy tests and verification to educational classes to material assistance.
We offer the resources you need in times of uncertainty.

Pregnancy Testing

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At PACN, we offer FREE pregnancy testing and verification, so you can get answers and know your options sooner. Whatever your situation, our Client Care team will give you the information and resources you need, while offering thoughtful support.

How do pregnancy tests work?

When youʼre pregnant, your body produces a hormone called HcG, detectable in blood and urine. Our pregnancy tests can detect HcG as early as 7 days after conception or 21 to 24 days after the first day of your last period with an early morning sample. The test is more than 99% accurate.

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Pregnancy Verification Services

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Ultrasounds help determine just how far along you are in your pregnancy, confirm viability of your pregnancy, and are administered by our trained technicians. This service is free for all qualifying clients who have had a positive pregnancy test with us.*

*Pregnancy verification services may be used as our client care team sees fit for both the mother and unborn child.

Considering abortion?

Before heading out of state, verify your pregnancy with us and receive a free ultrasound to confirm the viability of your pregnancy.

STD Testing

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Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex. If you or your partner are sexually active, you could be at risk – even if you use a condom. As part of your pregnancy test confirmation visit, please feel free to speak to one of our client care managers about the importance of receiving an STD test during your visit. This service is for our confirmed positive pregnancy test clients only. (Not a pregnancy test client? Click HERE to be directed to Montgomery County Public Health Clinic’s website to schedule an STD test.)

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Material Assistance

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At PACN, we offer needed material items, like diapers, formula, clothes, and more, to support you through your pregnancy and up to your first 36 months of parenting. Through our learning programs, moms and/or dads are also able to earn larger items like high chairs, car seats, cribs, and more. Call us today to discuss your needs!


Educational & CARE Groups

Educational Opportunities

Pregnancy and parenting can be overwhelming. At PACN, we help educate and equip you with resources and educational classes, instilling confidence and preparing you for this new and rewarding season of life.

CARE Groups

Have you had unexpected negative emotions or issues related to an abortion in your past? PACN offers consultations and group classes for topics such as post-abortion recovery, sexual abuse healing, and loss
support. Classes are led by trained facilitators and are a safe space to heal.

Considering Adoption?

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Meet with our adoption specialist to learn more about adoption! PACN can help connect you with trusted adoption agencies who meet your wants and needs. We can also help facilitate your first meeting with an agency at our center and provide you with maternity support during your pregnancy.


Our goal at PACN is to address the whole person, and meet not only physical and material needs, but also emotional and spiritual needs. Our team is ready to support you as you write the next chapter in your story.